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What should I do with a picture that someone left in a frame they returned?

I bought a 4x6 picture frame from Wal-Mart yesterday for my daughter and she just opened it today and it is really very nice but it has a picture of a young boy and some flowers in it. I am assuming that someone returned the frame to wal-mart and left the picture in it. I don't want to return the frame but I'd like to return the picture to the owner, it looks like it was professionally taken and expensive. How should I go about finding the owners?

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    Are you sure its not the stock picture the company includes with the frame when they sell it?

    I know my grandma has got one of those big pictures where they have all the cut outs to put pictures of your friends and family and there are a few of the cut outs she couldn't find pictures for and she just left the stock photo with the pictures of strangers :)

    Take it back to wal mart if its bothering you that much, but I doubt the person who returned the picture frame knows its missing or will have sense enough to go back to wal mart to ask for it back.

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    Return it to the Wal Mart... if the picture is important the people will go there first to see if anyone returned it!

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    You might tell a store manager at Wal Mart about this. They may be able to scan the item and have an address on file where they coud return the picture.

  • any time you buy a frame somewhere like Wal-Mart it has a professionally photo in just to show how your pictures will look in them. that picture is in 1000's of picture frames that are sitting in the store

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    You could ask Wal Mart if they can trace who purchsed the picture frame earlier. Maybe they can find their credit card number and then phone number.

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    Take it to Wal-Mart and tell them

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