Am I Depressed?

Sometimes I feel very sad and I cry alot. No one who knows me at work would ever think of me in this way - I am cheerful, bright, always willing to help others and laughing. But in terms of my perosnal relationships with people, I can get on a downhill slope in mood. One bad occurance can snowball into other bad experiences. The next thing you know, my bf is calling me a pessimist and asking if I'm just having a bad week, or month? He notices these states of sadness in me where nothing makes me happy. I can become miserable and want to make him miserable to. I hate being this way! I have a great life, job, car, friends, anything anyone could wish for. I don't understand why I feel this way sometimes. Sometimes I just want to cry in bed and isolate myself from everyone. I try to exercise and eat right to keep my body well balanced, and that seems to do the trick but maybe I need to think of talking to a doctor about these problems?

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    If you feel sad but your life seems great it means that you have some personal issues that you are burying deep within yourself. You bury these issues because you don't want to face them and deal with them. They could be about ex-bf's, your relationship with family, etc. If you want to get rid of these sad feelings you will need to dig these issues up and deal with them. Otherwise, you will never be truly happy.

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    There are many great websites out there that list the symptoms of depression. Here is one:

    It may help to see a professional who can really evaluate these symptoms. If your sadness effects your eating and sleeping habits, and if it really seems to have an effect on the way you live your life then it probably is depression. A professional can get you the help you need. Good luck.

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    It is very possible that you have some time of depression, I'd see a Doctor in the field of psychology. He or she would be able to ask the right questions to determine if it is a mental depression, and something you need therapy for. I would ask, just in case it could get worse, you wouldn't want to risk you friends and all the other great things in your life.

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    See your doctor. He or she can ask you questions to determine your state of mind, in this case, possible depression. Depression comes in many forms. The main thing is to find out and see what your doctor recommends for treatment. Drugs are not always the answer, although you may need them for a chemical imbalance or something.

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    It is obvious that ur a bright, cheerful person. but there is something in back of ur mind that u dont want to forget,( but u don't even notice) if u find it , u can solve ur problem

    but its a good idea to go and see a doctor.

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    did you ever try herbs. theyre organic. they kept me from killing my gf. just kiddn. they work as far as im concerned. i cant remember the kinds . i'll try to get you the names etc...

    another thing to try is ultra violet light .if you dont feel the sunshine much. put up an ultraviolet light(flourescent). you see... i get depressed wen the days are short.not terribly. but steadily.i'm sitting by one right really helped me.i also stay busy.physically and mentally. hope this helps.

    Source(s): you must feel bad now and then. otherwise you wouldnt ever know how to feel good. you dont sound really that chin up! : ]
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    Well you could talk to a doctor but you sound normal enough (except for your symptoms of bipolar disorder). I think you need to have people you can talk to when you're feeling down, though.

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    Without knowing more, what you're describing sounds more like bi-polar. Definitely get evaluated.

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    if you are fat, you need to loose pounds to boost your self esteem because mostly fat people have depression. But if you are not and depressed, then you really need a professional help. consult a psychologist. by this you will be re freshened.

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    Maybe a new boyfriend sounds like maybe he is the one bringin you down!!!

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