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Does anyone know where this quote can be found?

This was alledgedly said by Gerard Way of MCR.

"This is not something I've ever told anyone else. I had been in a long-term relationship and it fell apart during the making of 'The Black Parade'. I'm alone right now, for the first time in 10 years. That's not something people know about me. It's really hard. I've had girlfriends since I was 17 or 18. Now I'm 29. It wasn't something that anybody did. It was a six year relationship that ended. It was practically marriage. It was with someone who knew me before the band. Halfway through recording - literally just when I had finished tracking the vocal parts and chorus line to 'Famous Last Words' - I realised that line ('I am not afraid to walk this world alone') was the truth. I broke up with her a week later. I had to fly back and talk to her, move my stuff out. It was brutal.


But I've been enjoying being free and not having to make phone calls. It's a good feeling at first - but then you check into a hotel room realise there's no one who misses you. I'll sit there and stare at the wall. When we were on our last European run I would just go out at night and walk around alone, thinking, 'Well this is interesting...'."

Does anyone know where I can find resources for this quote?

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