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Why fat chicks smell better than skinny chicks?

Every day I see this fat chick at my gym, she is fat but she smells good. Way better than other skinny chick.

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    not to be mean, but i guess because they are big they want to be on top of their game in all other areas--you dig?

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Depends on the chick! For me, I find myself more attracted to a guy's personality... sure maybe a nice body is a plus... but if a guy's sweet, charming, funny, etc... it doesn't matter too much. Just keep talking to her and get to know her better. Maybe you'll get a better idea then.

  • Jaded
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    I don't understand why everyone thinks big people smell. Yes, some are unclean but most I know are extra clean. I have been behind beautiful people w/great bodies and their hair stinks. I have went into restrooms after these same type people and the personal B/O would knock you down.

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    because they think that cuz they fat they might not get no attention so they try harder than other women to be nicer and smell better now on the other hand skinny girls think that cuz they skinny they got it easy so they dont care if they stink up the room they just think cuz they skinny they are so cute... NOT!

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  • Meeya
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    1 decade ago

    Are you sure? I guess you have a different sense of smell than my male friends.

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    it might just be those two....either that or the fat one likes you and the skinny one doesnt know you exsist

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    I'm still waiting for the punch line....

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    wow you must have a good nose

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    I guess she is covering up something.

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