is it racist to ignor some one because of the way they talk?

i was told today i am racist because i ignor people who talk like their ether baddasses or they talk like their gangsters. how is that racist? its not like i ignore people who have a speech problem or cant speek english that well because thats not their fault, but if you can talk like an idiot then you can tak normal fliping english!

and they guy that told me this was white...and i am white too! WTF!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well no it's not racist to ignore someone for the way they talk. I'm black and i don't find this offensive. You can talk to whomever you want to as long as you don't DISCRIMINATE against someone for talking different then you do. But you have to realize that everyone isn't raised in area's where talking "proper" is the thing to do and is influenced on the children. So sometimes no matter how bad they sound you have to realize some people just don't know any better. And to further analyze this: would you ignore a redneck if they talked in a weird southern dialect or is it only people who seem like "gangsters"?? If it's only gangsters then you're prejudice against certain people. But if you say you would ignore the redneck then it's just a preference of what you want to hear.

  • 4 years ago

    In China I found out the thank you to talk chinese language. In Germany I found out the thank you to talk German, and in Italy I found out the thank you to talk Italian. In united states of america of america I talk English and don't hassle with human beings who won't or can't. in case you like your own language do no longer assume me to leap on the bandwagon. See those human beings on television doing the information and climate? They talk ENGLISH! They try this to have the skill to talk effectively. it is not important what shade they are.

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