Why does alcohol have a big and fast reaction to increasing and decreasing temperatures?

Please answer today becuz I need to present my science fair project tomorrow and itz really late (for me sins i hav 2 get up at 6!!!!)

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    1 decade ago
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    Alcohol slows your metabolism and therefore your body heat drops. It doesn't raise your temperature, although you might get hot flashes and it feels like it.

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    If you mean in a thermometer (not in a body) it is because it has a high coefficient of expansion, changing size a lot with each degree of temperature change.

    grain alcohol 1.12 E - 3/° C or 112 E-5/°C

    water 2.1 E – 5/°C

    or alcohol expands at over 50 times the rate of water

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    4 years ago


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