Is it possible for a solider to be faithful and not to have sex for a year?

My boyfriend is deployed for a year. I know that I will be faithful, but is it possible for a guy not to have sex for a year? What are the chances he will remain faithful? And for those of you out there that have gone through similiar is it when they get home? Are the feelings different? I'm scared he will have changed so much while he is gone and not want to be with me anymore.

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    If you can do it you should expect the same from him.

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    It depends on the guy. Some guys are just out right great men with all the respect for the woman they love.

    Away or not makes no difference. I am struggling without and I can honestly tell you from this type of guys perspective: Though my GF is not putting out ANYTHING and is a work aholic, I love her and I am committed to her, sex or not.

    After all, if I we or us where singles, how long would it be before we had sex. We would have to go through the whole dating thing, get to know you, find the bed, and move on. Not so simple and tis time consuming.

    We still have other options like self pleasurization.

    Keep the faith and if he's a good man than hopefully he will love only you untill he gets home.

    And honestly, pour excuses of (some) men cheat when they have someone who doesn't put out, not because they do but are too far away.

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    well im a guy and i was in a police academy for a year almost and on the weekends i never cheated or messed around. not all people are bad. think of it like this, would you cheat? would your friends cheat? do women go months or years without sex? yes they do go without sex for a long time, so there are men that also dont cheat and can go without sex for a long time. theres good and bad but if he really loves you and he knows you wouldnt then he should remain faithful to you.

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    Well I feel that people have this big miss believe that we as soldiers are just ******* all over our spouses and girlfriends. When we are deployed it is about our lives and business, most of us is trying to do good not just hump everything. We have less of the chance of cheating on you then you cheat on him. We don't have the chance like people really think we do. Just trust him and just wait and see. Be there for him as much as possible because he will need it and love u for it.

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    1 decade ago is possible and probable, because he will be missing you and thinking of you as much as you will be him. After deployment, especially to a war zone, there are changes...but sometimes the change is growth, and a better appreciation and this will be positive change. Be supportive and keep in touch with him...even if he's too busy to respond right is important that you remain in contact and let him know he is in your thoughts

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    1st of all, please tell your boyfriend thank you for serving our country! I am so thankful for the men and women that put their lives on the line to protect our freedom!

    2nd...yes, it is possible for a man to go without sex for a year...My brother and several friends have been deployed for a year and even longer and have stayed faithful to their girlfriends/wives. I in your love...believe that it is meant to be...and don't waste time worrying about things that have never is a waste of energy. Whatever comes your way, I am sure that you can both handle it..together! Good luck!

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    Girls can have just as much of a sex drive as guys. Sometimes more. It is possible to remain faithful, however, I don't know how probable it is. If he really loves you, it's definately possible.

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    you know what, i would say that guys have their own needs and so does girls but the most important of all is that if he really wanna be with u and love u he wouldn't do anything that will make ur relationship fall, he would be smart to think of outcome first before doing anything. So don't worry k? juz don't loose communication to him and always say "i love u" so that way he will know how much u love him and how faithful u will be for him and if he still did something wrong well u can't blame urself anymore coz thats the choice he made. but it really depends on how ur strong ur relationship is with him.

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    He will totally be different when he returns. (A man he will become) As for him being faithful it is possible. If he truly loves you, then deep in his heart he will wait for you. I'm sure you will be fine and have a stronger relationship. Best of luck!

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    it depends on his loyaltee to you and trust that you won't do the same. it depends on what he's going to be doing there. i assume fighting - and that does take time.

    he probably will change, killing people can change people. but it all depends on how close you are, and how important sex really is to him.

    but most importantly is to have faith in him - because if you don't and you mention this to him, he may be angry or confused, and may just do what you don't want him to do.

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