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How can I fire a RE agent because agent will not support what Buyer wants to do with purchase transaction?

In escrow, Buyer wants to submit additional conditions to Seller. RE agent will not support Buyer's request. How do I fire / remove RE agent from transaction ?

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    I think it depends on the state. I know in Florida I had to turn down every offer until the contract ran out.

    I wasn't going to let her have a penny :)

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    If I understand this correctly, you're the buyer in this transaction?

    If so, do you currently have a ratified contract on a home?

    If you do and you have signed a brokerage agreement with your agent then you can't just fire him. You're under contract for the term of your contract unless his/her managing broker releases you or until said contract is terminated at which point you could be released.

    What are these additional conditions?

    If the terms of the contract has been ratified, then adding additional terms just doesn't happen that often. The seller and buyer have already agreed on a deal, so adjusting it afterward because you just thought of something isn't acceptable.

    I hope this answers some of your question.

  • It would be helpful to know if you are the seller or the buyer; albeit any changes, once a purchase agreement has been accepted, is unusual. It would also be beneficial to establish what the additional conditions are, to provide you with an accurate opinion.

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    Go to the broker/ RE manager ( the agents boss ) discuss the situation with them. Because the transaction is already in progress, it would be a waste of time and money to switch agencies, and since sales a big part of how the broker gets paid they will want to keep your business with their office. Worse case scenario, the broker will reassign you a new agent, take the transaction over themselves, or oversee the rest of the transaction themselves.

    I work at a real estate office, where the customer is always right. Dont let the agent intimidate or push you, you are their bread and butter.

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    without understanding greater concerning to the actual difficulty, neither I nor all of us else right here can answer your question. i don't comprehend if what your lawyer reported to do is criminal or no longer - or whether it is according to the real components settlement and regulations of your state. If one among my customer's attorneys gave incorrect classes for something, i does no longer carry it out. additionally, if a customer asks an agent to do something unlawful or unethical, the Realtor can not carry out the customer's needs. case in point (and that i comprehend that's exaggerated, yet for making the factor)... we could say that your lawyer advised you which you will cancel the settlement, because of the fact the seller under no circumstances recommended you that somebody died interior the homestead of aids. there is not any requirement for the seller to demonstrate that to you, so the seller did no longer something incorrect, and you have not got any grounds for taking flight. What are the circumstances?

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    If you accepted an offer why would you allow new conditions to be put on the sale. If they try to cancel without cause you may be able to retain the deposit. It seems the agent is looking out for the seller's interests which is why you pay him/her.

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    Are you sure you're playing fairly? You can't switch things around at the last minute...

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