Easy crafts for toddlers/preschoolers?

I work at a daycare centre and in my preschool room I have children from age 2-6. Once a week, I'm in charge of planning a craft but I'm totally blank for what to do for tomorrow. I need some easy craft ideas that do not require a lot of supplies (just using common items) and that my littler ones can easily do too. Any suggestions?

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    go to www.preschoolrainbow.org there are millions of amazing projects there!

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    My preschool class loves the activity i call it car tracks or you could use marbles or really anything that you think you could use and you put white paper down on the bottom of either a box(size of a piece of paper) or i use a plastic dish pan and you have the kids put paint on the paper a little bit at a time all different colors our you can stick to just a few basic colors or maybe your color of the week/month.. and have the kids move the box back and forth and they see the tracks the car left..

    Cooking Craft~ Have the kids help make instant pudding and give them wax paper and give them each and little bit to play with and they will have fun squeezing and making hand prints out of it and make sure they wash their hands real good because they usually end up eating it... Good for all ages

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    CRAFT MATERIALS: Squishy Bags

    1 packet of unflavored gelatin

    3/4 cup of cold water

    Food coloring

    Ziploc freezer bags

    Duct tape

    Time needed: Afternoon or Evening

    Color Bag 1. Sprinkle the gelatin over the cold water in a small saucepan. Let it sit for 5 minutes, then stir over low heat until dissolved (about 3 minutes). Pour the gelatin into 3 separate bowls, stir a squirt of food coloring into each (we used red, blue, and yellow), then chill in the fridge until thickly gelled (10 to 20 minutes).

    2. Spoon a variety of colors into a Ziploc bag (an older toddler can do this himself), press out the air, and seal. Duct-tape the opening for added security. Now let your child squeeze and squash the bag.

    3. Keep the fun going! Try putting other things in plastic bags for kids to squish, such as shaving cream and glitter, or a peeled banana (for instant baby food!).

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    especially since valentines day is coming up, making hand flowers would be cute. You can have students trace their hands (with your help of course) and cut out several copies of different colors or have them color or decorate them. Then glue them to a popsicle stick or something of the sort. Then glue green leaves to make a flower.

    Take a paper plate and draw about 5 or 6 straight lines across the back of the plate like you were making a pie chart or something. Cut the lines from the center out ward but stop, leaving about an inch and 1/2 around the edges. Pull up the triangular sections that you just made and have students decorate to make a crown.

    Have students trace their hands and cut out 4 copies. Make a butterfly body template and glue students hand prints to body to make a butterfly. attach string to hang from the ceiling.

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    I am not crafty at all! My kids love play doh, it lasts a long time and you can use it over and over. You can also make your own, dont know how though. Coloring, water color, sidewalk chalk. You can get them all at the dollar store. My kids like to play with macaroni, all kinds. They put it through an empty papertowel roll, drive it around in their trucks, in an empty water bottle. Give him empty boxes, cereal boxes make great hats and they can fill it up with stuff and dump it out, cut it open and they can color on it. Blues Clues has some fun craft ideas. We made a guitar. an empty tissue box, glue a paper towel roll to the side and put 3 rubber bands across them and it is a guitar. (as long as you dont think he will put the rubber bands in his mouth.) You can cut up paper and have him glue, with a glue stick the pieces on a piece of a paper or a paper plate. If you need to keep him busy to get things done (not crafty) give him a broom or a duster or a spray bottle with water and a towel or the mop and let him "help" you clean, I cant clean without help its annoying, but it keeps them busy.

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    I get most of my ideas (for my 4 yr old) from DLTK crafts online. A couple of days ago we made a pretty cute school bus with an egg carton, some paint, magazine cutouts and a black Sharpie.

    They have cute toilet paper roll crafts for age 2+

    Good luck!

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    take some thick paint atleast two different colors.

    have the students fold a large piece of thick paper not too absorbant in half and unfold.

    have the students put some paint more then one color so that different colors are touching each other in the crease of the paper (not too close to the edges)

    and have them refold the paper and mash the paint around on the paper then unfold and let dry and have them make pictures out of the shapes the paint makes

  • God's Eyes

    with the popscicle sticks and multicolored yarn.

    Popscicle sticks glued in X form

    just tie the yarn to the middle

    wind the yarn around the X of the popscicle sticks

    make layer after layer of weaves over and under the X parts

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    Cooked spaghetti

    Construction paper

    Waxed paper

    Plastic knives

    Let the kids arrange the spaghetti however they want on a piece of construction paper. they can cut the spaghetti with the plastic knives if they want to. When they are done, cover with waxed paper, and a book to help it dry smooth. remove the waved paper and book. the spaghetti sticks to the paper really well once it is dry.

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    well since it's almost valentines day you should have them trace hearts and there hands with pink red purple and white paper, then cut them out and make a love wreath, you need about six to ten traced hands,place the traced hands an a outward direction to make your wreath, then you use the traced hearts to decorate it, you can also use whatever you would like to add the extra touch. i would put a picture of each kid in the middle, so that can be there valentine gift to there parents.

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    Get plain shaving cream give each kid a squirt they love playing with it drawing with it because it feels different. Plus it cleans the tables :)

    Source(s): I have a 3 months, 2, 3, 4, 5 year old brothers 3, 10,14 year old sister. College Junior/ future kindergarten teacher
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