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brakes on 2003 buick century have just started to make a noise. can I go for 10 days without damaging rotors?

Does anyone out there know anything about the brakes on a 2003 Buick Century? The brakes just started making a noise yesterday (I was told by the dealership this would happen when it was time for brakes). I would like to wait another week until I get them fixed. Do I run the risk of ruining the rotors if I wait a week, or do I have a little time yet?

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    you probably could as long as you take it easy on them.when the squeeler starts to make a noise,you still have some pad left,but you better get the changed pretty soon,or you will be changing rotors and pads.

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    i own a repair shop and you do run a good risk of ruining the rotors on it ,by driving it with them like this,especially if the rotors has already been turned once,they may be a little thin anyway but you can make it a little while longer,just be care full they may already be in to them,you never know what kind of shape their in until you pull a wheel off of them and check them out,good luck,i hope this help,s.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 36 yrs.
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    Depends on how many miles you drive and whether it's city or freeway driving. You'd probably be ok for around 200 freeway miles. This is assuming that you're hearing a squeal from the wear noisemaker and not a gravelly dragging sound.

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    If it's a squeaking noise you can wait til payday, but if it's a scraping noise, you better borrow the money and get it fixed.

    Source(s): My husband's a mechanic.
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    I would just get them fixed now and save your rotors and more expense, it's your call.

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    I am a mechanic ,and in my car ,I let them pass beyond , from always.

    even for three month

    I do not recomend it to anybody. ( check daily for fluid leaks)

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    No way to tell..


    Maybe not...

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