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The center of world EVIL is Washington can our leaders act like they are good?

G W Bush....spoke of evil in his speech last night.....yet refuses to speak of the sick EVIL that the USA represents.

The USA is a nation of BOMBERS and Terrorists of the first order and is hated worldwide as it should be.

Start naming all the countries our SICK nation has attacked and bombed and why....get a long list

Americans are the most empty headed ,rotten hearted people on the planet and should be contained like the disease they are.

The USA will destroy itself with its pathetic arrogance and blind help needed from imagined enemies.

The US Government is the most greedy, disgraceful pathetic institution on the planet.....and is a reflection of what a waste americans have made of their freedom.....God does not bless america....he can only pity such a pathetic MESS

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    Another fine example of public education.

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    "Americans are the most empty headed ,rotten hearted people on the planet and should be contained like the disease they are."

    Gee, thanks!

    It is always nice to be generalized and insulted. So what country do YOU prefer, my friend? What thoughts might we have about your preferred culture?

    If you really are an American than I would say that you are a little ungrateful for the civil liberties granted you.

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    Your rant sounds similar to what I might say about some present Middle East country - and I couldn't possible live in a place such as that.

    Get the hint?

  • Anonymous
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    Historically, every government that has ever existed since the written word has had its corruption. Ours is no different. The great thing about ours is that we can change it by peaceful means. We do not have to have a coup.

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    Everything you said I agree with, as long as it is in reference to the U.S GOVERNMENT. The U.S Government and the people are two very different things. Yes the U.S Government is evil rotten and would do anything for money, but no the people I would like to think aren't as bad. I think the people of the U.S are just a little bit too easily swayed, and believe a little too much of the crap that comes out of the governments mouth, do i think they are evil because of it? No, I just think it has become a society of people that are just too indifferent, too lazy to put forth any extra thought into anything other than who Paris Hilton is screwing.

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    The center of world evil is bopper77. Move to Iran and you will be happier.

  • Anonymous
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    move to britain. u get to be known as the ultimate suckups to the centre of evil. yay

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, it is Boston and Kerry and Kennedy are the Archangels of Treason and Drowning...

  • Sean T
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    1 decade ago

    A troll!!! How charming is THAT!!! PS: Get off your mommy's computer before she finds out what you've been posting!!!

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    since you hate it here, get out!

    go live somewhere like Iran where your attitude is better suited. you'd be more comfortable and so would we.

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