LimeWire to WMP11?

on the old windows media player you could drag songs over from limewire library to the wmp library and they would stay. on windows media player 11 it sais that they drag over... but i dont see them anywhere. also... is there any way to organize songs in just one continious list like on the old one (w/ out the cd cover pict etc) please help. no rude remarks please

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    1 decade ago
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    hello their. What i do to get the songs from limewire to windows media player is click on library tab which will show all your downloads that you have . Next all i do is right click on the file and where it says add to windows media player list click on that.When that is done windows media will kick in and play the file. When the song is done it should be there in your music library. Or the other way to do it is to create another playlist in your library, and when the song is playing is to right click on the song and where it says add to click on that ,then you will get the choice to add it to your new playlist. I hope this helps

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    open your wmp - click on the Library tab

    at the bottom left corner - you should see - add to library

    a small window should pop up - gives a few options - to add a folder (adds all songs in that folder to the library list) - to add a file (add one song at a time to the library list) or by searching computer

    once you've added them to your library they should stay in there and you shouldn't have to add the same songs each time you open your wmp

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