my solen truck was recovered but trashed. what will insurance consider.?

I have owned the vehicle, new since 2003. the blue book shows it being worth just under 32K. the interior was gutted and stank of BO. The body didn't appear damaged thru all the mud, but police said it took three tow trucks to get it out of the hole it was in. My concern is what damage was done to the engine and frame of the vehicle which wont show up until later??? I have taken very good care of this vehicle since it was new. I don't want to take my soiled truck back for fear of future problems...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If your insurance company decides they are going to repair the truck and you have mechanical concerns then hire a licensed mechanical inspection location to run a diagnostic on the vehicle before the repair is started. If the test shows there are mechanical problems that did not exist before the theft then the insurance company is going to have to consider that in the repair of the vehicle. It could be enough to push the vehicle to the total loss limit (which is usually 75% of the the value) or it could show that your concerns are unfounded. Either way, you will have peace of mind.

  • 1 decade ago

    Did you leave your keys in the vehicle? If you did, you can forget about insurance covering the theft,etc. Check with your Ins. agent and see what coverage you have.

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