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What actual solutions have the Dems got right now?

considering the new Dem majority what ideas are out there that are sound functional proposals to fix ailing issues such as the sociald security, health care, immigration, war on terror etc..

I am just curious since many dont like how things are, are any coming up with solid alternatives?


"'Do a search on the Democratic agenda, its not that hard to find out.""

remix apparently it is hard to find out becuase you didnt even name one.

Update 2:

""does this give you some ideas?""

no osbert it doesnt because those dont outline at all what it is believed doing those things will accomplish.

Update 3:

In reading the baker report you will find that what Bush is doing is exactly the same as what is suggested by the report with the exception of increased forces.

Update 4:

Well no one offered a single thing specific except that the baker report outlined the Iraq strategy and as I have read the synopsis and as I said its the same thing they are already doing with teh exception of added troups.. well.. sigh..

for instance fixing SSI isnt an actual solution. HOW .. do what ? a specific plan is what i asked for. And I have only seen the baker report mentioned as i said.

No one mentioned the min wage increase but they did do that.. course im skeptical it will help at anything but we shall see.

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    I'm sure you'll get a lot of "Well anything will be better than what Republicans are doing".

    Edit: Wow...speak the truth and get so many thumbs down.

    That just proves I'm do some of the answers below mine.

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    The Democrats plan is to get out of nation building, get our troops out of the middle of a civil war and get back to the war on terrorism, what Democrats think is in the National interest is to stop creating terrorists and get back to fighting them.

    There are several Democratic plans out there and most Democrats support the bi-partisan Baker Plan.

    the better question is where is the GOP plan?

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    They have lots of ideas and possible solutions and if you don't know of them then you have not been paying attention. Do a search on the Democratic agenda, its not that hard to find out.

    Joe, I'm not here to do research for others. Besides I'm an Independent, not a Democrat. However, if you are really interested (which I doubt) they are for fixing the health care problem, strengthening ethics in government, bringing a conclusion to the misguided fiasco in Iraq, making SS solvent, reforming immigration so that the borders are not wide open while allowing those that want work to have a legal job............

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    I think that their first priority should be to actually fix or reverse the cuts, lies and general mismanagement of the Bush Reign of Terror Tour 2000-2008. They'll have their hands full just fixing America, let alone coming up with NEW initiatives.

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    Iraq=Baker Report

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    Better proportional taxation, Socialization of healthcare, education reform and lowering college tuition. Socialization in general.

    However, nobody wants these things to happen because you all want to have your cake and eat it too. People complain that they have taxes that are too high yet not enough social programs. And many seem to hate socialization for whatever reason (ahem, taxation).

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    Well for one thing, they could stop letting the Republicans define all the issues. That would be a good start. Sanity.

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    The cultural left has routinely affirmed the most vicious prejudices about American foreign policy held by radical factions in the Muslim world - and then emboldened those factions to attack us with the firm conviction that "America deserves it"

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    well since they are the opposition party, they will disagree with anything the Reps and bush say.......they dont have a plan.......they just go the opposite direction.

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    They have nothing except to disrespect and disagree with everything the President says and does. They are going to have to show a whole lot more than that before I'm inpressed.

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