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What kind of tires should I get for my 1989 Chevy 1500?

It's a shortbed and has a body life of three inches. I have Mastercrafts on them now im not sure what the exact name is but Im due for new ones. I have 33's on now and Im thinking about going to 35's, but Im not sure if I have enough clearence. I want a mud tire that is very rugged looking but not as rugged as a super swamper thornbird and it cant cost more than 150 a piece. I will mount them on 16" polished american racing wheels. THANKS!

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    i don't think you can clear 35 with out fender mod or more left but a good tire is Good year MTR i have a set i have got 25000 moles on them and they are steal half tread they don't make much noises ween on the high way and i drive a lot on gravel and the really hold up to that they have got tread that is on the side wall and they will go about Any wear mud snow and got good traction on ice. my size is 33/12.5/16R. I Had a set of good year MT and they did not hold up the gravel eat them like candy but good year stud behind them and that is a plus in my book. I have got a Friend that has got toyo and they are wearing like craze he is going to be luck to get 20000 miles out of them. But take a look at the MTR i don't think you will be disappointed. hope this helps

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    yes you can clear 35 you should go wih good year wrangaler

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