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digestive system problem?

why is it that when i eat a fair amount of food like bread with seeds in it or carrots, or lettuce, that sometimes it comes out undigested. sometimes theres chunks of carrots, seeds from the bread, and one time in a worst case scenario a lettuce leaf. is this normal or a serious problem?

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    This is something I heard in school, in health I think a long time a go. That Ur supposed to chew each bite like 25-50 times, or some outrageous #. no one I know does it. I lot of foods don't digest all the way, anyway. Ever been real hungry & there was corn on the cob there,. Need I say more. U sound like U have a normal digestive tract. Unless Ur hurting or something. I don't think U got anything to worry about. Hope this helped.

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    that is quite alright usually those kinds of foods are hard to digest and don't actually all get wasted the way it should if you know what I mean so don't worry about it o.k.

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