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i don't know wat to do with my dog???

i don't know wat to do cuz my mom got mad at him for chewing up the garbage. right now my granpa has him up north with him and he seems to have a good time. i asked my mom if we were going to get dusty(the dog) back when grandpa came back from up north and she said as far as she is concerned she said that he could keep him. i don't know wat to do cuz i want to keep him. but i still live with my mom and i wouldn't move out for three years from now. i miss him soo much and i want to see him. wat can i do to get her convinced to keep him?. cuz with out him i think i will fall apart without him being home. it is hard to be away from him. plz help me out!!!!

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    Aww, sweetie, my heart really goes out to you! I'm a lifelong dog lover (referred to as being a "dog person"). Seems like UR2. Problem is, it's pretty obvious that your mom is definitely not if all it took was one mis-behave for her to evict Dusty. The sad truth is that you'll probably just have to wait until you're out on your own and have a big enough place before you can be a full-fledged dog person. But know this, Dusty is probably happier and better off living in a place with someone who will love and take care of him. If Dusty came home to your mom's place, he'd always feel scared that your mom will just send him away again, and that's the worst thing you can do to a dog. Dogs form very, very, very close bonds with "their humans", so it's not fair to keep him confused as to who "his human" truly is. As time goes by, you'll begin to see him as your grandpa's dog, and Dusty will act as if he doesn't remember you, which, if you think about it, is probably a good thing in the long run. ps. When you finally do get your own dog, he'll be the most special thing ever!! I promise!

  • First you need to talk with you mom if she agrees you need to dog proof the house, keep your dog with you at all times, when it cant be with you its in a crate (no its not mean my pug loves his crate its like his house). He will cry for a wile until he gets used to the crate but after a bit he will enjoy it in there and even go in by him self.

    Depending on his age he could be chewing because hes teething, bored or both. You need to correct him by taking what ever he is chewing away say no then give him a chew toy (Kongs are great so are bully sticks) when he chews that praise him.

    If you mom says no do not have a hissy, don't yell, don't run off crying. tell her you understand and thank her for listening. You can always try again in a few weeks.

    just remember do not yell when you are talking to her, explain all the things you have learned about taking care of a dog sense then and that you will do your best if you can have him back, don't back talk her or any of that. the best thing you can do is act like an adult.

    If she says no and you act like an adult about it there is a chance she will think about it and change her mind in the next few days. If she does not next time you ask you have a better chance.

    Just don't ask every day or every week give it time prove to her that you can handle the dog.

    Source(s): Im a mom of 2 girls and a dog owner of 2 well behaved dogs.
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    Think about this.

    Your dog is with your grandfather and having an awesome time doing whatever it is that they do "up north".

    Your mom doesn't want the responsibility of your dog. Your dog doesn't have good manners in the house, and your mom is paying the price for it by having to pick up the trash. The trash could kill the dog if there is chocolate or chicken bones in it. Do you want to live with that?

    Grandpa, I assume, lives alone? I am guessing that he is also retired, and doesn't leave the house for hours at a time to places where he can't take the dog.

    You, my friend, have a golden opportunity here. Think about this. Your dog goes to live with Grandpa. Mom quits bitchin' because the dog does not have good manners in the house. Your stress level goes down about a thousand points. Your mom's stress level goes down about a thousand points.

    Then, there's Grandpa. And the dog. Grandpa has somebody to keep him company. It's proven that seniors with pets live longer than seniors without them. The dog isn't getting into constant trouble because of his manners. Grandpa and the dog are happier.

    Back to you again. You will want to see your dog as much as you can, so you spend a lot more time with Grandpa. The only grandparent that I have left alive lives hundreds of miles away. I am grateful that I spent tons of time with my grandparents before they passed away, because they passed stories and family histories on to me that I would never have gotten had I been too busy for them.

    I think that you should look at this as a gift, and go enjoy your grandpa while you've still got him. I thought mine would live forever, too, but the time went by way too quickly, and I can't tell you how much I miss them now.

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    Do more research and tell your mom that you will take care of him. Be pro-active find a good place that will help you train your dog by keeping him inside a kennel when nobody can keep an eye on him. Find other methods to keep him busy so he won't get in trouble. Show your mom that you are responsible enough to have a pet and keep to your word. Also let her know how you feel about Dusty not being with you. If there is a local pet smart to you they give good training lessons for a reasonable price.

    Good luck!!

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    Maybe you should talk to your mom. Maybe she is just mad that he got into the trash, and she might cool off after awhile. You could also talk to the vet, or a dog trainer, and ask them what to do. Maybe if the dog was more well-behaved, your mom would let you keep him. Sometimes our dog gets in the trash, our she'll pee on the floor, but that only happens if she's nervous or stressed out because we were gone for a few hours.

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    If mom won't listen, talk to your grandpa and tell him how much you love the dog and although you cannot have him now, you would like to have him when you move out. Then you will know he is safe with your grandpa and you will still see him until you can move out.

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    Tell ur mom that if u can get him back u will keep him in 1 room. Or if ur mom is really set mayb ask her if u can live w/ ur grandpa. Mayb it's 4 the best that Dusty went w/ ur grandpa so ur mom can't

    get mad @ him.Good Luck!!

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    Have a heart to heart talk with your mother and tell her how you feel. Try to workout the problems. Resolve the issues. Maybe you could make sure there are plenty of chewy bones for the dog.

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    thats hard but do research on how to keep dogs from chewing furniture you can buy spray that you dont want the dog to chew on and give him other things to chew on that he likes!

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    Do you walk the dog everyday and feed him? You need to make sure he is getting enough attention. If you are prepared to do this, go to your mom and plead your case. If she feels the dog is completely her responsibility you may not get him back.

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