Canada uses more energy than any other country in the world?

is this true? please give reasons

i have an exam tomorrow and i need some help

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    In our northern climate, we use energy to heat our homes, offices and factories, as well as to provide light in the longer nights of winter months.

    Our resource-based economy is reliant on industries that are exceptionally energy intensive, such as mining, refining, steelmaking, forestry, pulp and paper and petrochemicals.

    And we use energy to transport goods and services over huge distances in a very large and sparsely populated country.

    As a consequence, energy consumption per person is 18 per cent higher than in the United States and more than twice as high as in Europe and Japan. Canadian energy intensity per dollar (US) of economic output in 2001 was 62 per cent higher than in the United States and, again, more than twice levels in Europe and Japan.

    We accounted for just 0.5 per cent of the world’s population and 3.1 per cent of annual global energy consumption in 2001.


    ...despite this high energy use, we represent a lower percentage of total world carbon emissions; about 2.5 per cent in 2001.

    Our carbon emissions per person are nine per cent less than in the United States, by far the world’s leading total energy user. This is because a huge portion of our electricity comes from hydro (56 per cent) and nuclear power (13 per cent) and major portions of industrial, commercial and residential fuel are provided by low-carbon natural gas (39 per cent).

    Our energy mix produces less carbon per British thermal unit than many of the leading industrialized nations.

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    No, it is not true.As a knowlegable educated Canadian,I can honestly say no is the answer here.Ask yourself, how can only 35 million people scattered across the second largest land mass in the world be the users of more energy than 350 million Americans or 90 million Britains and so on.Canada, as exposed on CBS program 60 minutes, has the largest untapped oil and gas reserves in the entire world. We export 1 million barrels of oil each day to the U.S..The U.S. Government is now in talks in Dallas with Canadian Energy officials to jump start a long proposed plan to export up to 5 million barrels a day so Pres. Bush can meet his set goal of eliminating 1/4 of middle eastern oil imports to the U.S. by 2015. Our natural gas pipeline supplies nearly all the natural gas for the entire western states. We use the same energy efficient appliances that serve America and have no problem generating power from our 16 nuclear plants across the country. We are also the world's largest holder of natural water which provides hydro power for the eastern U.S.. all of New York (mainly).Whoever proposed such a ridiculous statement to you is the typical un-informed individual in American society that causes bias and unsettled relations. Phone CBS and ask them for their report on Canadian energy if you do not believe me.

    Source(s): An educated Canadian, B.A. also M.B.A. and D.D.R.
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