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my fiance miscarried?

shes taking it really hard, we found out 4 days ago and she like hasnt stopped crying...idk what 2 say 2 her shes a reck nd its killin me 2 see her like she is.....any way i can make her feel a lil better?

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    So sorry to hear that.

    When I miscarried, i was the same way, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. My husband didn't know what to do, just gave me a lot of space.

    Things I would recommend...

    Maybe just sit with her if she is crying. You don't have to say anything just being there for her is enough.

    Also down the road...if she had the baby's due date figured out ( i know us women do these strange things) It would be nice to make a note to send her flowers or do something special on that day for "no reason". Even though I had felt better, when the date i would have had my baby, i was emotional then too.

    Best of luck..

    PS: I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant. Just remember, that a miscarriage doesn't mean she can't get pregnant again.

    Also i wouldn't recommend getting a pet to replace the baby. We did that and it was hard.

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    I've never been in that possition before, but I can immagine how hard it must be, It only happend 4 days ago so it it very new.

    The best thing you can do is show her that your there just hold her and comfort her , I don't think she need you to tell her "I know how you fee" coz you don't, and she might just say that to you.

    Sometimes not saying anything is the best thing to do. just make sure your with her as often as you can. She will eventually be O.k and maybe then you guys can try for a new baby. I hope that things work out for you guys and you eventually when the time is right have a healty baby.God bless.

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    Time cures it all. Be patient and understanding she is a female and we always take things rougher. Buy her a puppy and it may do her good. Not to say its equivalent to a baby but she will fall in love with it and it will help take her mind off the situation. Besides God has a plan for everything, and it might of not been the best time for a baby to come. I know it hurts but you will have a beautifull child when the time is right!!! Keep your head up and try again.

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    Bottom line is to comfort her. The best approach is biological, meaning that the body knew there is something wrong & expelled the baby. No different than when we are sick, or have an infection (splinter). Yes it's hard time to go through, let her know how deeply sad you are. After sometime has passed you always make the comment on " I guess we have to just practice somemore"

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    Sorry to hear of your loss. I know what you all are going through I have been there 3 times my self. Just be there for her its going to take time she needs to greave. Try to be understanding and let her know you are there. Try doing a search on miscarriages there may be some helpful sites out there on dealing with miscarriages. Best of luck. Hang in there. Once again I am sorry for your loss.

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  • Best thing is be their for her when she needs you. Do as many things are you can for her so she dont need to worry about it. Maybe just sitting with her may help so she no's you are their.

    Their are support groups she can talk to ao maybe finding soemone who has been their. I miscarried january 2nd and i found talking to someone who had been their really helped cause they no more of what to say.

    Make sure you sort through your feelings as well, dont keep them bottled up.

    I wish you both well.

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    Let her greive and make sure you understand that a miscarriage to some women (and men) and feel like you have lost a child. Things will get better w/ time. I'm sorry for your loss.

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    I'm sorry for your loss. I have been through this the only thing to do is be there. The questions she asks do not need answers. She needs to feel that you don't blame her. She knows it was not any-ones fault but still feel that she did not do everything correctly. just listen .

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    I went thru this a long time ago and you need to be there for her emotionally and listen to what she has to say and if she says things to you that are mean do not fight with her she is venting and does not mean it is directed towards you.Remember to stay calm and be there for her and you both will be okay.

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    Just be there for her and hold her when she needs it. Just be her shoulder to cry on. There really isn't anything you can say to make it hurt her less but just having you there is probably the best thing for her.

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