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How did 1960s greaser girls dress?

if someone who lived through it could answer this that would be terrific!!

what were some of the outfits they[or you] wore. what kind of material and colors were in?

how did you style your hair?

how did you do your makeup?

what did you wear for jewerly and shoes?

what were your hobbies?

what slang words did you say?

im soo interested in the 60s. i loed the outsiders and since reading that i wonder about the greaser girls. they didnt say much about them.

if you could include pictures of certain shoes,bottoms and tops thatd be awesome!!

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    Well the 60's was very retro-chiek.

    hair looking like a wig with a wide headband & front bangs

    lots of eyeshadow that matches your shirt

    pearls, pearls, pearls

    swimming, dancing and casual talk


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    did you in user-friendly terms ask a qustion abou The Outsiders... besides.. in that era greaser women wore there skirts thank you to short and there shirts to tight... severe heels. they have been various eyemakeup and swore alot. the 60's have been greater hippish yet once you lived on the undesirable area of city and belongings you have been like this often. for exciting they only frolicked with adult males, slept around, they have been slu:ts..... mmmmm i cant thnk of something whast this for..?

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