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Does anyone know where history teachers get there tests from,cuz my history teacher prints his off the computer like the internet and I wanna know where plz help! If you dont know that then how do u study really good for a test?

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    I am a history teacher, and i make my own tests, every time! study the notes u take in class... i recommend to my students to study their notes THEN their books. When i make the test, i use the notes i have discussed in class.... LISTEN IN CLASS!

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    Actually a lot of them either type it out on a computer or copy it into a computer. And you study the material presented in the chapters the test is for in your book.

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    There are some sites like your book publisher usually has an online test that can be used, however, they usually have a password connected to them. Other online test producers cost money...

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    read the chapter , then memorize the first line from each paragraph

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    Read your textbook.

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