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Should all law enforcement be allowed to enforce immigration laws?

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    Here is the truth - Picked up approximately 300 illegals in my career. Each time we telephone INS. This was their answer:

    Unless the illegal alien has committed some criminal act you must let them go as we will not be picking them up.


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    We have certain people who have that exact job and many others in law enforcement who do not have that as their primary function.

    My suggestion would be to allow all officers to act on illegal immigration whenever their job requires them to check a person's identity. In other words, we don't need every police officer in the country chasing down illegals. But, when they are involved in questioning or arresting them for other causes, they should have the full authority to deal with them appropriately.

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    In the event of a criminal investigation, yes. If there is a roadblock, maybe an ICE officer should be present to check ALL motorists for their id's. It's not hard to run a DL or SSN. If it's a fake, they'll find out really quick. How could Raul DePalma possibly be Ethlene Jones, who died a few years ago?

    Source(s): Raul DePalma is an Italian name; although, I imagine it could be hispanic, as well.
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    Is this a trick question cause the answer is undeniably yes they should. Police arrest criminals right? Then this question is already answered

    Source(s): America for Americans
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    Of course they should.

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