how do I stop obsessing and move on?

I love a guy. He says he enjoys spending time with me and he draws great comfort from me but he says he doesn't know what he wants because of all the issues going on in his life. I respect and know all of this but I have fallen for him. You see what happened is his wife kicked him out when she found out he has a gambling problem (which he is now getting help for). His marriage has been rocky for years but they have stayed in it because they have 2 absolutely beautiful girls. When she kicked him out and he didn't have anywhere to go I offered for him to stay with my and my housemate and he did. He was very thankful and said that if it wasn't for me being there for him he wouldnt' be around today. So for the past couple of months we have been very close and I have met his girls a few times. Anyway he lives next door to the wife and kids so I don't get to see him much now. He has also started a new job and is very busy. How do I stop calling him all the time? I just want to know he is ok!

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    You were an important part of his life for awhile, and yes, I am sure that you helped him...a question for you to ask yourself.. are you trying to fix him? Just think about it...

    The best advice I have is to just cut off ALL contact with him. Talk to your friends, if you tell them what is going on I am sure that they will be more understanding if you call more often. Find something to do to occupy your time and thoughts...something that you enjoy...whether it is working out, bowling, some kind of craft long as you keep yourself busy. I know that it is hard to walk away, but it sounds like you are a step ahead of the game because you already know that you need to walk away! Good luck, stay strong, and believe that you deserve better!

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    i could enable you comprehend wait because of the fact human beings substitute their strategies for all time yet do no longer she neglected her hazard with you. pass out and meet new human beings. do no longer spend your days thinking of her for all time. Your top your greater powerful then this so pass on. ~i'm hoping you detect somebody who's worth a while and love!

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    stop yuore obsession for the guy!!

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