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candle flame test?

what exactly is the point of being able to blow out a candle with a punch or kick?

i can blow out the candle after like 6 tries with punches and i was woundering if thats good or not not really matter.


tests of 'chi' ? wouldent the punch creat wind?

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    My understanding is originally it was a training device to train a student in making the proper snapping action in the punch or kick for effective transfer of power. However, with some playing up the esoteric "magical" chi power (like they are training to be a Jedi and not a martial artist), it has be come a parlor trick.

    I've tried it and it ain't as easy as some would think. To make it work you have to stop using antagonistic muscle groups, but reach a relaxed coordination of the muscles.

    The more tensely you punch or kick, the less effective. That is the point.

  • I've never heard of using a punch or kick to blow out a candle. As you point out, the motion generates an air pocket which is likely what blows out the flame.

    However, the are of Qi Gong (or Chi Kung for Westerners), teaches a breathing exercise where you place your palm in front of a candle and through focusing your energy, you can bend the flame. I've done it, so I know it isn't a magic trick. At higher levels it is said that you point your finger at the flame and can focus your energy to blow the flame out. I haven't been able to do this or see it done, so I can't vouch for it.

    That's not really an answer to your question, so maybe the point of blowing out the candle with a punch is that you control your technique. You don't strike the candle, but stop just short. Then again, maybe it's just a way to get you to repeat your techniques over and over again. As you say, it takes you 6 tries.

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    it is early circus mystique in my opinion, and perhaps is best said as being a test of gullibility. if you scratch your head when these things are said as tests of 'chi' etc, listen to your doubt.

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