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IS IT WRONG to want US citizens to recognize ENGLISH it's offical language?

....some countries want an open door policy as well, yet are much more strict on their southern borders. IS that topic for harrassment??? I think many took it this way, and won't leave it alone.


im with you on that must be in the same setting!

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    this is such a stupid question... just so you know english is the official language of USA...

    i cannot believe some people ask suck dumb question...

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    Although the United States currently has no official language, English has long been the de facto national language. English is spoken by about 82% of the population as a native language and nearly everyone in the United States uses it as a daily language. On May 18, 2006 the Senate voted on an amendment to an immigration reform bill that would declare English the national language of the United States.[1] The immigration reform bill itself, S. 2611, was passed in the Senate on May 25, 2006, and now has to go back to the House of Representatives in conference to make sure amendments are agreed upon.

    Those that claim that the U.S. doesn't have an "official language" are technically correct, but it's still the "common language" of the citizens, and those that don't learn to speak it are isolated from communicating with 82% of the population. I would think every immigrant, legal or otherwise would WANT to learn the language.

    Source(s): Wikipedia internet site. I know it's not an "official government site", but it does list official bills and amendments . Didn't provide the link since its against "community guidelines", but it can be found easily enough.
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    Throughout the history of the United States, English has always been the principal language. Therefore, English has always been the de facto "Official Language".

    That being said, xenophobia based on language differences cannot be tolerated. If one wishes to see English as the official language because of standardization, that's fine, but using language as a tool to divide is not what this country is about.

    It really comes down to intent. If you want government business done in English so that everything is easier, that's acceptable. If you just want an excuse to deport Mexicans, that's morally wrong, in my opinion.

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    definite, purely because it is the offical language we've had all of this time. Our anthem, archives, guidelines, idioms, and so on. are all in English. i do not see a lot of a level to replacing it. even with the very shown actuality that, it will be effective if human beings tried to income more suitable than English so as that they do no longer understand only one language in a international the position maximum different countries also communicate English besides.

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    No. All other countries have an official language. Lets say that scientists are building a bomb. They all speak a different language. How can they communicate? They can't. Making English the official language is not unfair. When you go to China if you don't know chinese your screwed. Foreigners that don't know English cannot really work for us.

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    It's not wrong and US citizens DO want English as the official language. It's all these d%#& illegals that refuse to learn or speak English that are the problem, not the citizens.

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    Absolutely no. Every country must have some official language. English being the most spoken in US, I see no reason otherwise. Also, almost all of the scientific / technical publications are in English, making it the de facto language in science and technology. If we want to keep our technology leadership, English is the language,

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    English is the official language of the USA. I believe that one should be able to speak, read and write English to be a citizen here. I also do not think I should have to press a number if I speak English when calling business'. I always let them know that also when I do get to speak to someone and if they are not proficient in English, I will ask to speak to someone who is. If the government will stop printing documents bilingually, they could save millions of dollars in the printing costs.

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    No, It is a correct and reasonable expectation. Additionally, it is

    one of the few and relatively easy, yet resisted requirements by many illegals from the southern border.

  • Everyone seems to forget there were 300 + languages before the European invasion. Many are still being used today. I don't care if other languages are spoken in the United States. No matter what there will always be a translation.

    Source(s): Nii Mii Pu, Nez Perce Language from Idaho UNITED STATES
  • every country has a right to an "official" language...

    we have 2 in canada, English and French...

    given a choice I'm not sure I would object to spanish being a second official language, there sure are enough LEGAL spanish speaking peopl in the US...However, this is not my concern, as Canadian it is not my biness...

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