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what is the approiate age to deworm and start shots with a puppy?

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    Puppies should begin their worming programme between 2 weeks and, at the very latest, 4 weeks old. Subsequently, they should be wormed again 2 weeks later. the puppies must be weighed each time to determine the dose, as too much can kill a wee pup. the mother must also be wormed to prevent her reinfecting the babies.

    At 6 weeks old, the pups can be given a parvo vaccination, as this is a particularly dangerous disease for young pups. Then, at 8 weeks they are ready to be given their first shot of 8-in-one, which is the start of the protection they will need their whole lives. The final shot of this is usually administered at 12 weeks; it takes a couple of weeks for this to build up full immunity, and after that your pup is ready to meet the outside world.

    After all this, a dog needs to be wormed every 3 months, and given an immunity booster shot, the 8-in-one again, once a year.

    We don't have rabies in Ireland, where I live, but you will need to check out the rabies situation in your country or state, to see whether your dog needs immunity from this.

    Another vaccination which is often given is against kennel cough, ususally via a nasal spray: kennels often require this if you wish to kennel your pet, although this is really of limited benefit, as the viruses involved in KC mutate almost as fast as the human cold, and there are bacteria involved too, which aren't daunted in the least by the vaccine.

    Hope this helps, and the very best of luck with your pup!

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    A puppy needs to start vaccinations at 6 weeks and continue with vaccinations every 3 weeks until 15-16 weeks of age. At the first visit the vet should check a stool sample and deworm if necessary and may check 1-2 more times and deworm more times

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    Eight Weeks is usally the starting of de-worming and vaccinations. Then you want boosters every 3 weeks with new vaccines. De-worming is commonly carried out at 8, 11or 12, 14 or 15 weeks. Three times when pups. (by way of a vet as over the counter stuff is horrible) Rabies is 16 weeks Distemper/ parvo start at eight weeks with 2-3 boosters Then there is giardia and lyme that every get boosters opening at eight-12 weeks. Bordetella (no booster) just right success to you. I would ask your vet what vaccines are first-rate for you depending on where you are living. Naked minimal is Distemper/parvo and the 2-3 boosters 2-three dewormings rabies 16 weeks (no booster)

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    Good breeders deworm puppies at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age. If they didn't, you should do it now and take it to the vet to be sure it's worm free. Here's info on vaccines:

    6 to 7 weeks of age: Give first combination vaccine. (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Coronavirus)

    9 weeks of age: Give second combination vaccine.

    12 weeks of age: Give the third combination injection and possibly a LYME Vaccine inoculation. Generally a LYME vaccine is then repeated two weeks later, then once a year.

    16 weeks of age: Give the last combination vaccine.

    12 to 16 weeks of age: Rabies vaccine is given. (Local and State laws apply regarding Rabies vaccine since this can be a human disease, too. Your veterinarian will tell you the proper time intervals for booster vaccines for Rabies.)

    Special considerations: Many veterinarians believe some breeds such as Rottweilers and Dobermans should have at least two Parvo vaccines with the last one being given at 20 weeks of age.

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    deworming can be started as early as 2 weeks old, the shots can be started at 6-8 weeks

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    We begin worming our pups at 2-3 weeks and shots are started at 6-7 weeks.

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    I believe that its 4 weeks, or 5 but check with your vet. Before the pups go to new homes they should also have be dewormed a few times and had at least one set of shots.

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    8 weeks DE-worming can be started at around 4 my dog is to young to get certain shots he is 7 weeks his mother's emoon (cant spell this word) system is still in his veins so a shot will just be weakened and not work so you might have to re-get shots all over again when he is older.

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    for shots its 4 weeks and deworming id wait at least til its 4 or 5 months old call a vet and ask them to be sure

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    6 weeks

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