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what were the names of all the children the goddess mars had, and by who did he have eachone by?

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    i believe that mars is a god. he was god of war.

    depending which mythology you go with he was father to romulus and remus. i can't remember who the mother was though.

    good luck.

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    Stories of the Months and Days: Chapter III. March--The Month of Mars

    Mars was loved by Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, but wishing to keep their ... the mother was buried alive, and the children were left in the forest to be ...

    The Iliad: Book XX

    Mars of gleaming helmet joined the Trojans, and with him Apollo of locks unshorn, and the archer goddess Diana, Leto, Xanthus, and laughter-loving Venus. ...

    The Iliad: Book VI

    Mars, insatiate of battle, killed his son Isander while he was fighting the Solymi; ... The women lifted up their hands to the goddess with a loud cry, ...

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    Mars(AKA Ares) was a god, not a goddess, a goddess is female and mars had to many children to count by several different females. Though, Neptune (AKA Poseidon) had twice as many.

  • Cupid/Eros w/ Aphrodite & Phobos (Fear) & Demos (Pain)

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