AHH! Is there something about your body that drives your crazy?!?

Alright I have a weird little hang up about myself that I just cant get over, my uhh...my head is big! lol I know its a weird insecurity and I dont have any problems getting boyfriends but people tell me I have a big head and I realize it but it still hurts everytime they say it, I feel like theres something wrong with me! Please take me seriously, this is something I really need help getting over.

xoxo pinkpaper

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Big feet, i really only think of it when buying socks or shoes.I usually laugh at myself and i feel better.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. There was an old man that

    cried because he had no shoes. On one of his visits to the hospital he saw some children that did not have any feet. That made him stop feeling sorry for himself (smile).

    Check out the URL for some fun,laughs and giggles.

    Have a pleasant day.

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