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I’ve been talking to this guy and one of my friends called him and blocked her number and?

he just texted her. Her number was BLOCKED!! How would he get it? This is scaring both of us. There is NO way he could have known it was her. They have never spoken. He knows NOTHING of her. Anyway I don’t know him well, and there have been some weird things about him. This is really scaring me. Is he some stalker freak? I didn’t think it was all that easy to trace calls that are blocked... Please let me know if you have any clue how he would do it.


Firstly this is not meant to be a stupid question. I’m actually concerned. The guy is in a gang, and very well could be dangerous. What I'm wondering is how could he trace her call when it was blocked?

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    If you have friends calling and blocking their number, who is stalking who?

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    Your cellular company or telephone company has the right to give you any number that calls your phone even if it is blocked.

    Remember you are the consumer and they rely on your monthly payment to stay in business so they will give you information you need. Also if it was a home phone number if *69 is pressed it will call u back and the number will show up on your bill.

    Cingular shows blocked number on your bills.

    Take care and don't let him freak you out.

    If you act afraid he will try to intimidate you.

    Enjoy 2007.

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    I have no clue but if you find out you need to contact to the police cause spying is a federal ofence.

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    OK....HE BLOCKED HER right??

    That means SHE can't call him...not him call her

    But if SHE BLOCKED HIM.....then Texting is not an option that is blocked....

    ALSO, your Cell Phone Number and NAME comes up on CALLER he knows who is calling....

    Lighten up and for Pete's sake....IF he WEIRDS YOU OUT....TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!! They're right 85% of the time....

    Now....take a look at my AVATAR....does IT weird you out??

    Obviously not.....YOU sensed I'm not a wierdo...that's because I'm not....YOUR instincts told you that....

    Source(s): 24 years in electronic repairs......
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    ooh..i don't know. sounds like a stalker. i would talk to a cellphone company about that. and ask the guy if he is a stalker and stuff.

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    411 or call the company and track the number.

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    like OMG! this is horrible!

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