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How Many Calories Do I Need?

I'm 14 years old, 5'6, and about 120 lbs.

How many calories should i eat every day.

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    for males 2000 - 2500

    for females 1500 - 2000

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    Depending if your active. I think for more active males it might be around 1800-2000. Try googling it.

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    Check out This awesome website will give you all the information (and more) that you could possible want. good luck.

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    first mutiply your weight by 11 to determine you basal metaboilc requirement then mutiply it by one of these

    sedentary(sitting,school work)= 1.40

    light(short stroll)=1.60

    moderate(brisk walk or swim)=1.70

    strenuous(20-min aerobic activity)= 1.85

    your daily fat allowence should be 30% of your calories.

    Source(s): listening in class
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