Can someone please explain to me what a fireplace "apron" is and let me know if they are a standard size.

I am buying a house that used to have an apron but they dont use the fireplace so they ripped it up and now have furniture over the spot where the apron used to be. It is now covered in ply wood, but I have no idea what to expect, or how big the area might be. anyone know anything about aprons please let me know!

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    What you are calling the apron is known as the hearth in building codes. Most localities have recently adopted the International Residential Code (IRC), which says in paragraph 1003.10 of Chapter 10:

    "Hearth extensions shall extend at least 16 inches (406 mm) in front of, and at least 8 inches (203 mm) beyond, each side of the fireplace opening. Where the fireplace opening is 6 square feet (0.557 m2) or larger, the hearth extension shall extend at least 20 inches (508 mm) in front of, and at least 12 inches (305 mm) beyond, each side of the fireplace opening."

    Since these are minimum dimensions, and since your fireplace probably predates the IRC, your hearth could be of a different size. But the IRC gives you guidance if you reconstruct the hearth. By the way, it should be at least 2" thick.

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    I believe the apron is the hearth. It can be any non-combustible material (slate, stone, tile). The size is set by your local building codes. I can't remember what the min. is in general, but I'm thinking it's two feet. It prevents sparks or rolling logs from catching your floor on fire.

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