Math. cm into m?

If I have 78 cm x 0.7 cm, is the answere in meters? Or 0.7 m x 78 cm..would the answere be in cm?

Or..okay,I have this math question. The area of a pathway is 5.46m squared. The width is 78 c. How long is the pathway? Well, I converted 78 into meters, making it 7.8, then I divided it into 5.46, getting 0.7. 0.7 is the length, suposedly...? I write..."The length is 0.7cm, or 0.7m, or what? Please help!

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    78 cm is 0.78 m

    5.46 divide by 0.78 so you get 7

    the length is 7 meters

    if they both have different unit, for example cm and m, then change cm to m and then put your answer in m. (meters is the international standard). You can also change both to cm, but I would change it to meters, unless it says to change to cm.

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    If you have 78 cm * 0.7 cm, the answer is (78*0.7) (cm * cm) = 54.6 cm^2. Whenever you multiply or divide quantities, you multiply or divide their respective units as well.

    You can in fact multiply cm and m together, as long as you remember that the final unit is (cm m). But this is generally very unwieldy, and it's better to convert everything into the same unit and just work in that unit.

    NOTE: There are 100 cm in 1 m, so to convert cm into m you need to divide by 100, not 10.

    So in your problem the width is 0.78 m and the area is 5.46 m^2. The length = area / width = (5.46 m^2) / (0.78 m) = (5.46/0.78) (m^2 / m) = 7 m.

    If you wanted to convert into cm, 1 m = 100 cm, so 1 m^2 = (1m * 1m) = (100 cm * 100 cm) = (100 * 100) cm^2 = 10000 cm^2. So you would have an area of 54600 cm^2 and a width of 78 cm, which would give you a length of (54600 cm^2 / 78 cm) = (54600/78) (cm^2 / cm) = 700 cm. If you like you can then convert this to m: 100 cm = 1m so 700cm = 7m, the same as before.

    If you didn't convert any units, you would get a length of (5.46 m^2 / 78 cm) = 0.07 (m^2/cm). Since m^2/cm is not a nice unit we can convert one of the m into 100 cm:

    = 0.07 (100cm . m / cm) = 0.07(100 m) = 7m as before.

    So as long as you keep track of what units you're using, you'll get the right answer no matter which way you do it. You could even convert into a third unit, for instance dm: (1 m = 10 dm = 100 cm)

    area would be 546 dm^2, width 7.8 dm and length would work out to 70 dm which is again the same as 7m.

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    since most of the units are in metres, just convert 78cm into 7.8m divide....5.46m/7.8m which is equal to .7m...remember that the units should be there is no way you can get .7cm as you said......because 5.46m was to be converted to 546cm and when you want your answers into cm, the answer is gonna be as follows; 546cm/78cm=7cm

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    When you convert 78cm into meters, you have 0.78m.

    5.46m^2 / .78m = 7 meters long

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