download oban star racer in english?

I was looking for some place to download Oban Star racer in english.

I looked on YouTube and couldn't find it.

I would appreciate the help :)


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Couldnt on youtube? My friend found it easily when he tried to get me into the show by showing it to me on there *cause i dont have toon disney :-P*

    Just try searching for it in many ways like "oban star racer 01". And if you see any results with the username that has "trish" in it. Then watch it from them. But they only have episodes 1-18 up. I forget the other users that might have 19-26. If youre interested on finding those episodes or still having trouble. Please email me, and ill give you the link from there. I dont have the link at the moment so i have to ask my friend about it later in the evening.

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