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Will MP3s ever fully replace CDs?

I'm willing to pay for a CD.

I am not willing to pay for MP3 files.

I like CDs. I like having the whole package, and then opening it up and experiencing it.

I love my wall of CDs.

I download MP3 files all the time, but never entire CDs. I buy those if they are good.

If MP3 files that you have to actually pay money for ever really replace CDs, I'd be unbelievably pissed off.

People probably felt similarly about cassette tapes, but cassette tapes are much, much better than MP3 files. You can't hold an MP3 file in your hand. You can't go to the store, open up an MP3 file, and anticipate getting home and listening to them. Downloading them is just not the same... There's no package. No plastic. You can't put them on your shelf. MP3s themselves are a great way to preview music you've never heard of, but MP3s replacing CDs would be terrible.

Anyone feel the same way? Do you think they ever will actually replace CDs?

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    It seems everyone but me loves downloading songs off the internet and could care less about buying cds anymore. I LOVE buying cds, and supporting the bands who took the time to release them. I like having the actual album with liner notes, album artwork, all that. I would be really annoyed if people as a whole just agreed to only buy mp3s and nothing else. Even buying them used is cheaper than downloading an entire album. My brother has a 'library' of mp3s on the computer but it isn't the same thing. If I do download songs at all, its just because I am really unsure whether or not to buy a cd. Then I will go out and buy it because I like having a whole collection of them.

    Source(s): Music lover, cd collector for 10 years
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    Well, people never thought LPs would be replaced and see where they are (or aren't now).

    However, I don;t think CDs will be replaced, UNLESS the industry decides to force people into that direction by getting rid of CDs, but that smack of a cabal and congress could step in

    Source(s): My days at tower records and my little grey cells remembering talking to record reps on this
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