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what kind of pants can people with high butts wear?

i have this problem. my pants always rise up. low rise doesn't help because my behind is higher than most people. i can't find pants that are comfortable.

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    they ask you questions about your body type and which type of pants you want, then they recommend a bunch of pants that would best fit you. very accurate, i used it and i found my dream jeans!!

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    You are probably short waisted. Without knowing your size or age it's difficult to make suggestions but.....have you tried junior sizes?

    They are usually cut a bit less curvy and try to find some with pockets that sit lower on the back. This gives the illusion of lower hips. Aren't jeans and bra fittings just a *****? Good luck.

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    IF the Gap still makes "Reverse Fit" jeans, then there's your answer!

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    try stretchy jeans, they come flared,tea stained, skinny or pencil,etc........they work for my mom.....and they're inexpensive and comfy ^__^

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    mini skirt

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