Anyone good with the book "The Jungle"?

I have to do this stupid research......i need to know what the result of the publishment of the "The Jungle" was, like what happened after the book was made. I have searched and have no idea!!!!!!!! i know this sounds like a stupid question but please help.

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    After "the Jungle" (an expose on the Meat Packing plants in america) was published. Lots of new worker safty and sanatiation factors were put into place in the industry to help keep the American investor safe and healthy(.....and quiet and happy....). Ok, that all I remember from HS... but I hoped I helped.

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    Bull you searched. It's almost impossible NOT to find the answer to your own question if you took two seconds and actually tried.

    Type "The Jungle" in wikipedia.

    Type "Sinclair Jungle" in Google.

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    Is it the book about meat packing plants? If it is then mainly what it did was clean up the factories and bring attention to child labor and unsanitary conditions for workers. If this isn't the sorry.

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    First of all "publishment" isn't a word. Secondly, research the Meat Inspection Act and the word muckrakers. Oh, and read the book!

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  • 1 decade ago

    There was a lot of reform in the meat industry. Try searching with that info.

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    Check the date of the formation of the Food and Drug Administration

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