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i want to add sound to my flash animations i want to use prescise sound tat are hard to find like gun shots?

i use macromedia flash player proffesional 8

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    try to see if they have anything...that is the Flash website to get any kind of animation backgrounds and sounds that you want.

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    Well, if you are looking for the sounds themselves, then, yes, the guy who answered you first is totally right..

    but, if you are trying to actually incorporate the sounds into your animations, here's what you do...

    click on File->Import->Import to Library

    find the sound you want imported and select it..

    now, choose the frame you want the sound to start on..

    now, look to your right and find the Library panel and look for your sound that you imported..

    drag and drop from the library to anywhere on your animation, it does not matter where, its a sound file and will not show up anywhere...

    Hope that helped

    Source(s): 3 years flash developer
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    I guess you like drivers... Drivers are utility that tells your pc a thank you to artwork with a given piece of hardware, and in the event that they have been lacking your pc wouldnt even comprehend it replaced into there. are you able to verify what variety your sound card is? that could desire to make it elementary. If no longer, circulate administration panel, and "upload hardware", and run the wizard there. each and every so often which would be waiting to locate your hardware for you and get the drivers off the internet. be satisfied to e mail me if those issues dont artwork, there are different techniques.

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