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when I forward emails with pictures the recipients get no pictures. Why>?

I switched from hotmail to yahoo because pictures did not show when I forwarded an email. With yahoo, I had no trouble untill the last week or so. My friends tell me they received the text but no pictures that were on the email that I forwarded.

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    I think because the pics get scanned for computer saftey.

    ( worms, virus, etc ) their email server has to check, and they should know how to operate the attachments...

    Usually, they have to click on what looks like a paper clip for the attachement.

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    concerning to the only way i've got found is to edit out all the names and each little thing right into a sparkling message, then think ofyou've have been given to shop the photos onto your gadget and reload them. I hate getting messages with 50-200 e mail addresses in it. Makes me under no circumstances decide to deliver out a comedian tale, so i do no longer -- that way my address would not bypass out on some forward.

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