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i want to add sound to my flash animations i want to use prescise sound tat are hard to find like gun shots?


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    A pretty good resource i use is flashkit, it has alot of good sound effects like gunshots, explosions, crash crashes, water drops etc....

    Check it out

    Whats cool is that they also have alot of good tips and tutorials.

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    4 years ago

    properly, while you're searching for the sounds themselves, then, sure, the guy who spoke back you first is extremely outstanding.. yet, in case you attempt to truthfully incorporate the sounds into your animations, here is what you do... click on document->Import->Import to Library locate the sound you desire imported and choose it.. now, decide on the physique you desire the sound to initiate on.. now, seem to your outstanding and locate the Library panel and seem to your sound which you imported.. drag and drop from the library to everywhere on your animation, it is not significant the place, its a valid document and could no longer take place everywhere... wish that helped

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