Just put a WEP code and computers can't connect?

I just put up a WEP code but now my wireless computers can't connect. My wireless devices such as my PSP can connect to it though. When I check the status on the connection on those computers, they say something about the Automatic Private Address and when I repair, they say something about contacting the ISP. Before I used a WEP code, everything worked fine.

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    WEP is an encoding for your wireless network so only wireless will be affected by this change. If you plug in your computer using the wired jack, you should be able to reaccess the router configurations. Now WEP is a OK encryption as long as u use a complex password (not a dictionary word or a name) using numbers end special characters. Otherwise if possible, use WPA. If you don't have encryption or if you use WEP with a weak encryption, people might be able to eavesdrop on your connection using the correct tools.

    Security issues left aside, once you set up the WEP on your router, you need to also set it up on each of your computers. When you set it up on the router, the router will generate encryption keys that you should write down because that's what we're gonna use to set up the computers (if you have a netgear card, this key is more or less necessary because their software allow you to enter the passphrase directly).

    To set up the computers:

    1. Open the control panel

    2. click on "network connections"

    3. right click on your wireless connection (i'm assuming it's wireless) and click on properties

    4. click on the "wireless network" tab

    5. if you see your connection on the bottom, choose it and click properties, otherwise click on add

    6. assuming it's already on ur list since u've used it before without the encryption, on the drop down menu next to "data encryption", choose WEP, then uncheck the "key will be automatically provided" and enter the key you wrote down earlier

    7. Save and exit

    if you need to further enhance security or if it doesn't work, or if you simply want to know more about wireless networking, send me a message.

    hope this help

    P.S. There's a lot more u should do if you want your network more secure, this is just a start.

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    If the above doesnt fix it. Leave it plugged in hold down the reset button for 1 full minute, This will set the router back to Defaults with no password, or the original one it came with

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    Try unpluging the wireless for a minute then replug. That seems to reset some things. I called tech support on my wireless and they were great with help once.

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