Whats the fastest way to lose weight?

i need to lose it fast!!! like really fast ... any help !?!?!

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    1 decade ago
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    Or, if you just need it to be temporary (like for a dance or something), just sweat it out. That's what wrestlers and boxers do.

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    it's simple. stick to a healthy, low-calorie, low-fat diet and get lots of exercize. exersize is the MAIN key.

    also, so tips for helping you lose weight with everyday life:

    1) if you could take an escalator/elevator vs. stairs, choose the stairs. you will burn 5x as many caloires right there.

    2) if you are watching TV, instead of just sitting there on the couch, set a goal for yourself (ex: do 10 crunches and 10 push ups for every commercial i see, every time somebodys says a word such as "great, wonderful, buy it now, or save" do 20 jumping jacks). find a routine like that and change it around each day.

    3) when reading a book, magazine, or newspaper, don't just sit at the table. lean against the wall in the "invisable chair" position. again make a goal for your self such as i will hold this exercize until i finish this chapter...

    4) place things (everyday items that you need to use a lot) all around the house - all over. then, when you need them, you will have to do a lot more walking to go get those items, which will help with weight loss a lot.

    if you are already an ok-good jogger with a fairly good amount of endurance, here is a great workout i like:

    walk to your neighbors mailbox, then jog to the next mailbox, then spring to the next, then jog, then go back to walking and then start the routine over again. it is very challenging and is great for endurance and burning up calories!

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    A proper diet is the best way to lose weight naturally and keep it off. You have to eat a varied adequate and balanced diet. Your body needs all kinds of food to function properly including fat in smaller quantities though. Your body needs the nutrients and vitamins in fruits and vegetables the most, that is what you should eat the most of (at least 5 servings a day). You also need protein, and a little fat. Reduce your intake of sweets, fried food and foods that contain a lot of fat. Don't drink too many alcoholic beverages or soft drinks (they have a lot of calories). Don't go to sleep right after you eat. And finally exercise at least 3 to 4 days a week for about 45 minutes.Good luck. You can also get more information about nutrition from this site:


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    Cut a leg off, You can lose atleast 40lb in One day. The fastest would be starvation and sweat. Go hiking in the desert with just water.

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    If you are serious about losing weight FAST, then cut sugar and carbs from your diet for a week.

    Absolutely NO sugars, NO carbs. You will lose a pound a day. My parents did.

    Eat chicken breast, salads with no carb/sugar dressing, a can of tuna, lots of vegetables and water.

    Oh, it will be hard, and you will be weak and grumpy, but after a week you'll feel good about yourself, and lighter! I promise.

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    An unsafe way would probably be fast, but is that really what you want? Losing 2 lbs. or 1% of your body weight per week is safest.


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    Diuretics. Eat food that take more calories to prepare and digest than there is calories in the food. like carrots. Its called the ketone diet. We used it to drop a weight class. Its not safe for long periods though.

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    Hi Casey, Lots of water,exercise,and a green bean diet. No fooling.


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    Old fashion execersise and healthy diet. There's no such thing as speeding it, the body takes time to change. Unless...you are seeking an alternate option..

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    Eat salad and other healthy foods also exercise exercise and excercise and when your hot dont take layers off it make you sweat and sweating lose weight.

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