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binge help?!?!?

i just binged on 7 pieces of cake and about 5 cookies-if i go to gym and burn 500 calories, will that be enough to make up for it-i am trying to lose 10 lbs and go from 5''5 130 lbs to 5''5 and 120 lbs

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    One day is really not going to destroy your diet!!! You shouldn't be stressing out about your weight that much anyway, you'll just become paranoid!

    Just forget about your binge and get back to your diet and excercise tommorrow, don't do anything extra or you'll just feel more tired and therefore more like crap anyway! Relax a bit!

    Also, maybe you should do a different diet where you don't feel the need to have a blow out - I found that the GI diet works really well.

  • Abby
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    you have 500 calories in just 2 pieces of cake depending on the size. but it would help some

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    make sure you drink water--helps flush the system and burn calories--and do not weigh yourself after you work out--working out retains water--wait a few hours.

    Stay on track the rest of the week--and omit 1 snack for the next couple days..that should do it..

    But remember you may be binging because you haven't eaten enough protein- protein keeps your hunger at bay...try eating more protein and less sugar and see how you feel--bet your craving for binging decreases.

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    yeah thats way more than 500 cal.

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  • eriq p
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    that's probably more than 500 calories...

  • Anonymous
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    Go see a doctor, a nutrionist, an eating disorder specialist . . . don't ask us.

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    wow look at the size of that nose. geeshh

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