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if i have a macbook and ive been using the trial for officemac and ive saved things, now im downloading the actuall officemac and it says to delete the trial.. will that delete all my documents from word and power point? and how do you burn a cd of a power point? if im going to need to use it on a hp or different computer do ijust save it as a power point or rtf?

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    Wow.. I have a MacBook and I finally upgraded to the full version. I would DEFIANTLY make a back up of your files, just in case. It wouldn't hurt. There are several ways that you can make a data disc. If you don't have any burning software, Such as Roxio toast, ect... Then CTRL+CLICK on the desktop and select NEW BURN FOLDER. From there you can select items and place them in the newly created burn folder. When you are done, open the folder and click BURN on the upper right hand side of the screen. If you are going to use the files on a different computer, I am pretty sure that you can just burn the files to disc, and put the disc in your HP. The files should be reconized on a PC. Good Luck!

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    lots relies upon on 2 or 3 issues. how lots money do you need to spend? which will help be sure which 2 or 3 you need to use. i like the Air. First that's rapid, that's rather easy and it particularly is not all that costly. the only situation human beings have with it particularly is the shortcoming of a diskcontinual. although I particularly have 2 exterior drives, the two are spectacular burners and the two have been low-fee. in addition they got here with their very own Mac Drivers. I particularly have exterior HD, to the music of 2tb and exterior zipcontinual and exterior floppycontinual. in spite of if that's exterior I have been given it. different than being hit with dumb stick as quickly as I went Mac paying for some months in the past i could have been the owner of an Air. I very own a MacBook professional (intel of path), that's rapid, aluminum, heavier than i will carry now days so I loaned it to a buddy who needed an intel MacBook. She is in seventh heaven, loves the fee, the ports, the flexibility to apply VOIP. She is a videographer, does surprising artwork. She loves the heavy accountability computing ability over the G5 she has been applying. MacBook (classic), very own 2 of those, (no little ones), one on everlasting loan and the different is a factor of my dwelling house herd (4 in quantity). I particularly have this years MacBook. that's waiting for Lion, already has the exciting touchpad, that's working at 2.4ghz, hi while i began out with mac and one went to 7mhz, so i'm greater advantageous than happy with the fee and ability, plus i'm getting hours of use, many times 0730 plus hours. So i'm greater advantageous than overjoyed different than that it would not have firewire. there's a artwork around, so i'm no longer all that bothered by using it. i think of the classic ought to attend to something college ought to toss out. some call for a particular OS kind software, yet Macs run the two Mac and dwelling house windows natively, so i do no longer see that as a situation. U in simple terms get boot camp, persist with the educational and get a partition and positioned dwelling house windows interior the partition. have exciting in school

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    rtf = rich text file, don't save it in that format, especially if it's powerpoint.

    And if you're worried about the files being deleted, go to where you saved them, then copy them to another folder. That way, once you uninstall the trial version, you still have copies of your projects.

    I don't know anything about burning CD's on Macs, either...

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