Has anyone ever traveled long distance with Greyhound?

I am about to hopefully embark on a trip on a Greyhound bus (since I hate flying) that takes 23 hours. What should I expect on the trip? Do they make stops and if so where? What should I bring other than a mp3 player, pillow, and magazines? Should I even do it?

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    i travelled from san diego to st louis on geyhound..it was a terrible experience...the bus stopped at every hole in the wall town large enuff to have a bus stop.....some of the scenery was nice especially new mexico...but as a whole i was uncomfortable, bored, and to take the cake..st louis was two hours away from where i wanted to go and had a ticket to get to...but somehow after stopping in every town along the way for 2 days..my bus became an express to indianapolis..this was at midnight at the st louis terminal..my ticket would not take me that far and the next local stops bus meant 8hrs in st louis with not enuff money for a hotel room..and not in a very nice part of town..i called my dad and he came and got me..it was an adventure and a life lesson rolled into one..the lesson..never do that again!

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    I've taken a few long greyhound bus trips. From Pittsburgh to Milwaukee (14-16hours) and from Chicago to Pittsburgh (13 hours). And basically the bus stops at every major city in between your start and the destination. Thats why it takes so long to take the bus. It would be faster to drive your car and probably just as expensive to fly.

    If you are planning on being comfortable bring a pillow, something to read (if you dont get carsick), and an mp3 player. Oh, and somethign to snack on.

    On a 23 hour bus trip I imagine you'll be doing some sleeping. Its not as bad as you think :)

    Anyways, good luck!

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    They will stop everywhere and anywhere. Take the mp3, pillow, blankets forget the magazines, take a novel. Perhaps something like "War and Piece". Service is pretty good. Chances of delays are good. They do stop long enough for breaks in larger cities. There is almost always a bathroom on the bus. Take a bunch of food. Fruit, Granola bars, trail mix, beef jerky, home made cookies, and PBJ's are good and bring enough to share with fellow passengers. I ate a big hunk of cabbage with a girl I met on a bus once. LOL. If you are friendly to others around you it is a fun way to meet people actually. Flying is actually safer believe it or not. The bus is much cheaper though.

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    I have traveled on greyhound several times in the last three years. They stop for breakfast,lunch,and supper, and at some stopps the give a bathroom break or smoke break. I would personally recommend bringing some can drinks and snacks with you. You can buy food at stops but they are very high. There are bathrooms on the bus and seats are very comfortable, pillows can be taken but you sometimes have to get off to change busor get bus cleaned and all your stuff on bus and luggage underneath must be claimed so travel as lightly as possible.My advise if you are moving to some place, ship most of your stuff in boxes before you leave, cheaper and lots less stressful on the bus.

    Source(s): 2 roundtrips to oregon from tennessee 1 one way trip from phoenix to oregon
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    Go for it! The Greyhound makes stops every few hours, so you can stretch your legs. I recommend going early, getting a two seater to yourself. Bring books, a toothbrush, some sleeping pills, and a blanket as well as the other stuff you think you might need. Take your first dose of pills before you start out and maybe every 4-6 hours (depending on your tolerance) so that you can sleep most of the time. Everybody needs a full day of sleep on occasion. I have done this long of a trip no less than eight times, and I always look forward to it -- except for maybe the last couple of hours.

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    bring what you want just remember there's lots of stops have to spend time is bus stations that are not very nice.If it takes does the airplane trip take 23hours how long is the bus trip.If you go by your self stay with people never by yourself stay in the lobby.Watch the thing you take someone will still them if you lay them down.A small pillow and light blanket.if you get board easy carry some armaments with you some snacks and water or something to drink sometimes the stops are long time apart.Be safe watch what you do think before you do,there are bad people out there and bus station draw them in.Be safe use your head don't forget where you are at and you don't know who you are setting beside.When I USA in the Army I took a lot of bus tripe's I hope I don't ever have to ride another.Good luck.

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    I no longer trust greyhound -they have a habit of leaving you stranded! since the bus that shows up is already full

    the problem that they used to send second sections if the first

    bus got full its very rare they do that now days,.say 80% chance

    of you having to wait for the next schedule and hope its not full

    I would suggest you avoid Greyhound and take Amtrak instead

    with Amtrak you can move around the train, even have a bite to

    Source(s): personal experience I was stranded for 7 hours since all the buses that showed up where already full so then I called Amtrak and I got to my destination fast then I would have by Greyhound!
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    Bring antibacterial wipes so that you can disinfect the bathroom, and some of those disposable toilet seat covers are also to die for!

    Bring some non-messy snacks, apples, etc, and something to drink.

    They are going to stop lots of places...ask the bus driver how long he will be at a stop, so that you'll know if you have time to go in and buy a snack, a hot dog, etc...

    I would also bring big comfy socks....take off your shoes and get comfy, and a big warm fleece or sweater in case you get chilly.

    I enjoyed my treks...the bus doesn't stick to the interstates, so you get to see the towns and villages as you go...if that's your kind of thing. I loved it!!

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    I Say confront your fears and fly. 23 hours is a long time to sit on a bus. A plane can do it in under 2 hours.

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    so many good answers already, so I won't repeat,

    but one thing, I agree with anyone who says take the train instead if you can. Then you have a chance to go to another car if there is some obnoxious or smelly person seated near you, and you have a chance to get up and walk about, stretch your legs, while you're stilling travelling, and its faster than the bus, and you won't get stuck in traffic jams or road-blocks (due to car accidents) when you come into major cities.

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