Please help me understand two business English sentences. Very urgent!?

i want to know the meaning of the following two sentences

Please quote on price and delivery time.

I need to have a price for 1000 pcs 60 mb.

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    Please quote on price and delivery time

    Please tell us how much these items cost and how long it will take to deliver them

    I need to have a price for 1000 pcs 60 mb

    I want to know how much 1,000 of these items cost (the 60Mb models)

  • 1 decade ago

    Sentence one -- To quote, in business English, means to give an exact figure. So in this sentence, the speaker is requesting the price (of whatever he is buying) and the time it will be delivered.

    Sentence two: I think that "pcs" means "personal computers" and "mb" means "megabytes." Personal computers are home computers, the kind that most people use. Megabyte is a unit of information. In this case, it probably refers either to the working memory of the computer or the amount of data that can go on the hard disk drive. So the speaker is asking what the price of 1000 computers with 60 megabytes is.

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