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What do you think of?

Womans with red hair?? ,,are they sexys?? I want to know cuz americans are all about blonde,,all they say its ''blonde are the best'' bla bla bla ...i want to know if you find atractive someone who its not Blonde...,,I MEAN i was blonde one ,but now i have my natural hair color,its brown..

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    well first of all, brown hair is gorgeous. so is natural hair.... i dont think hair color is still being made a big deal about was kind of a thing of last year...if i were you i would be SO proud of your brown [gorgeous] hair!

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    Natural is Beautiful. and not all americans prefer to be blonde! Brunettes can rock it too! hah My friend dyed my hair a Dark Reddish Brown with some light brown highlights, it looked amazing@

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    I think who have blonde hair or all kind of hair.I don't care.I thinks natural is good for all people.

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