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My boyfriend say that i can get rid of my acid reflux, is it true?

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    I don;t know if you can "get rid of it"

    but you can certainly control the symptoms that you have.

    there are of course prescription medications that you can take

    as well as over the counter medication.

    It might be wise to be evaluated by a doctor who can prescribed

    the correct medication for you. Woman do not present the same way men do with heart problems and chest pain. ALOT of woman think they are having acid reflux or a stomache bug when it fact it is their heart. I have seen plenty of female patients who come in complaining of acid reflux only it turns out they are having a heart attack. So please if you have insurance see a doctor.

    However if you do not have insurance Pepcid or Zantac can certainly help if you are truly suffering from acid reflux

    all the best to you

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    Talk to your doctor. There are some over the counter medications for acid reflux but your doctor can give you something in perscription strength to really help you. You might not get rid of the acid reflux completly, but you can control it. You might have to see a Gastrointerologist (aka GI doctor) who specializes in this area of the body. I had to have a "upper endoscopy" also known as a EGD to make sure I did not have anything else going on before I went on meds for my acid reflux. An upper endoscopy or EGD was not a big deal. You just have to go to the dr (usually done in the hospital the One Day Surgery/Endoscopy suit) can't eat breakfast...then they spray the back of your throat to numb it....then they give you a sedative (or anesthesia if necessary) and they place a small scope to look in your throat for signs of acid reflux damage....then the dr can treat accordingly.

    You might not have to go through all that...I am drawing on my own experience. Please feel free to email me if you have further questions. I hope this helps and I hope you feel better!!!!

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    1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 cup of warm water.

    I discovered that "trick" when I lived in Michigan and Arm and Hammer sent me a "All The Wonderful Things You Can Do With Baking Soda" brochure. That night, I went to a restaurant and ate some *very* spicy food. The upset tummy and acid reflux started not long after the meal.

    I asked the waiter for the above, and I was fine within 10 minutes!

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    depends on how he said you can get rid of it!! There are several reasons for this frequently its just what and when you eat, alcohol, smoking, OTC antacids help some people including Prilosec when taken properly, however depending on your age and how long it has been going on you may need to see the doctor because the acid does do damage after a while.

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    You can get medication to treat your acid reflux. Talk to your doctor. He/she will probably suggest some things you can change about your diet as well, like avoiding spicy foods.

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    There are some lifestyle changes you can make to reduce reflux:

    1. Stop caffeine

    2. Stop smoking

    3. Lose weight

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    Yep. You can take a medication called Prilosec. It's available over the counter, but it is expensive. BUT IT'S WORTH IT. My husband took it when the drug was available by prescription. It helped him a lot. It takes about 2 days for it to really kick in 100%, but when it does finally get into your system you'll realize it right away.

    I hope you feel better. ♥

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    there are medicines that can help with acid refluf..when ever i feel it coming on,milk works wonders for me.its like a coat.i dont think you can make it go away though.

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