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what is the countries of origin for Buddhism?

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    India and Nepal. The Buddha was born in what is modern-day Nepal (specifically, in Lumbini).

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    Buddhism originated in India. The Prince Shakyamuni was born in Kapilavatsu in Northwestern India. Today (2500+ years later) there are very few followers of Buddhism in India as Hinduism in its various forms and Islam are now the dominant religions there. Of course Buddhism isn't really a religion but most people consider it to be one. The countries where it has its strongest hold are Tibet (much to the chagrin of the illegal Chinese occupiers), Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Mongolia and more recently, the United States (with slightly more than two million followers of the Nicheren Shoshu, about two million followers of Zen, about 1.5 million of a new style of Buddhism that is uniquely American whose name escapes me at the time that I type this but I will likely remember in twenty minutes, and about 5 million followers of the various other sects that practice in America).

    It is estimated that in the world there are approximately 200 million followers of Buddhism in its various forms. And falling. It is a dying religion. That is a shame because it is such a beautiful way of understanding the human heart and mind across the dimensions.

    Source(s): "The Religions of Man", "Zen Teachings and the History of Chan".
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    India is the country of the origin of Buddhism.The place where lord Buddha were born now belongs to Nepal.

    At present Buddhism is practiced mainly in countries like Sri Lanka ,Thailand,Burma,Vietnam,Cambodia,China,japan,Korea,Mongolia,Tibet , Nepal and Bhutan.

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    Buddhism is based on older philosophies in India. Buddha traveled there from Tibet.

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    It originated in India and once it spread to China and local countries bordering China, their culture transformed the religion a bit

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    The country of origin is India, but nowadays it is followed largely by people outside of India.

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    India and Nepal

    Then spread to Tibet, Western China, Mongolia and maybe Japan.

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    India, (western) China, and Nepal. You know...the countries which have had the longest history!

  • India - but now that part of India belongs to Nepal

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