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want to get fat?

i waight 40 and i am really thin i wana get fat what is the best way to get fat and what shall i eat?

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    The quickest way to gain weight is to eat at McDonald's everyday. One of their large shakes is over 1000 calories alone. Add a mystery meat sandwich and fries and you have enough calories for the whole day a good percentage of which are from fat.

    If you want to gain weight, follow the clown.

  • First of all: don't get stressed for your problem: that will make you lose weight.

    Second: if you don't care about health, only weight, then junk food is the answer. Oily hamburgers wit mayonnaise, coke and French fries.

    Third: if you do care about health go to a doctor in search of advice. Doing some exercise such as weight- lifting can be positive.

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    Do not eat high cholesteral foods while gaining the weight because that is unhealthy. Monitor your blood pressure while gaining no more than 4lbs a week. I suggest you eat before bed and make sure it is high in calories and not fat.

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    Eat as much fatty foods as you can. It's pretty easy gaining weight. Try not to eat foods that are fat free.

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    Go to your DOCTOR! to rule out anything---but safely increase your protein, protein, protein, and fiber! Strength training also helps--but you have to eat eat eat--Protein is found in meats, eggs, beans, yogurts, and soy. Fiber is also important- whole grains and vegetables!

    And its better to say you want to get healthy- and put a little more muscle on--instead of saying you want to get fat---you want to

    build muscle--and increase your protein!

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    you are too funny!

    Eat the "American way". A fast food diet should put your health and waistline in trouble soon enough.

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    drink milk shakes, junk food and also yess health food. Lift weight for muscles.

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    fast food

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    go on the krispy kream and nacho diet,that should do it.

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    maccas. for breakfast, lunch and tea

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