Israel how do you respond to your failure to comply the the United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 ?

United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 (S/RES/242) was adopted unanimously by the UN Security Council on November 22, 1967 in the aftermath of the Six Day War. It was adopted under Chapter VI of the United Nations Charter. [1] The resolution was framed by Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg and British ambassador Lord Caradon.

It calls for the "withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict" (see semantic dispute) and the "[t]ermination of all claims or states of belligerency." It also calls for the recognition of all established states by belligerent parties (Israel, Egypt, Syria, Jordan) of each other and calls for the establishment of peace and secure and recognized boundaries for all parties.

The Arab states accepted the resolution. However the Israelis and Palestinians rejected it.[2]

It is one of the most commonly referenced UN resolutions in Middle Eastern politics. It has been argued that UNSC 242 has binding force under Article 25 of the UN Charter owing to its incorporation into UN Security Council Resolution 338 and that it is also binding on Israel and the PLO by agreement owing to its incorporation into the Oslo Accords.[3]


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    From what ive seen, Israel has abided by Un resolution 242 so far.

    Only two nations involved have terminated of all claims or states of belligerency, those being Egypt and Jordan.

    Israel has withdrawn from all Egyptian and Jordanian Territory.

    Syria and Lebanon are still in a legal state of war with Israel.

    The Palestinians are still in a state of belligerency with Israel, where the current government of Palestine, does not even recognize the right of Israel to exist.

    What we have now is a fight over interpretation of the resolution, should subsection 1.(i) happen before subsection 1.(ii) .

    IE: Does Israel have to withdraw from the Golan Heights before peace is made with Syria, or after peace.

    Does Israel have to withdraw from the Westbank before peace with the Palestinians or afterwords.

    I personally believe that no outside entity can bring about peace in the region, until those in Israel and the Palestinian Territories themselves decide they want peace.

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    Well, I am not Israeli but I would say that a contract among say 4 parties where only 2 parties agree is not a contract. In other words, if 2 parties in the group agree not to attack me but the 3rd does not why would I want to give up something.

    Also, my understanding of the intenr of the agreement is

    1.UNSCR 242 calls on all parties to the conflict to negotiate a solution.

    2.It anticipates that Israel will withdraw to secure borders (not specified in the resolution) in exchange for peace guarantees from the Arab parties.

    Israel has already withdrawn from the Sinai based on peace agreements with Egypt and even dismantled Sinai settlements. Israel has already ceded control of large areas to the Palestinian Authority under the Oslo process. But every concession by Israel under agreements with the Arafat organization is followed by terrorist attacks and new demands. Until there is a real peace, Israel has every right to secure its country by remaining in the disputed areas.

    As stated, I am not Israeli. Let us assume that Canada and Mexico attacked the US and we invaded southern Canada and northern Mexico to make sure they could not rocket US cities. Canada agrees to honor our borders but Mexico still continues to attack US cities. I would hope that we would do whatever was necessary to protect our sovereignty from Mexican aggression.

    In other words, I would argue that Article 51 (self-defense) takes precedence.

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    UN decision 242 became exceeded after the Six Day conflict. this is approximately 2 factors: a million. UNSCR 242 calls on all events to the conflict to barter a answer 2. It anticipates that Israel will withdraw to guard borders (no longer designated interior the call) in substitute for peace ensures from the Arab events

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    People will always make excuses for Israel and her lack of compliance to several UN resolutions. It's just the way things are. The US says they are our 'friends'. "Friends' get away with many things that others wouldn't. However, the US needs to stop coddling so much. Israel has enough weapons and nukes (thanks to the US.) to take very good of herself. Let her stand on her own two feet...and let her start complying with other resolutions not covered here.

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    Who cares what the UN says?

    They're not an impartial peace facilitating organization.

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    Israel should be the next country we bomb!

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